Online Dating FAKE?

Hello so I work long hours and I am not a big drinker so I do not go on that much night outs so I have started online dating.

Let’s start this off by saying I know that some people have met on a dating app but I think it is a lot less than the companies will have you believe. Some of you may be reading this and you are one of the people that have met someone offline but I bet there are more people reading this that have more fake profile messaging them than real ones.

POF ( Plenty of Fish) is probably one of if not the worst for fake profiles in the space of about 5 hours I have had about 10 fake profiles all message me the same thing I have never seen anything like it how can there be so many fake profiles on one app but POF is not the only one that has fake profiles on it Tinder does.

So why is it that so many fake profiles are on there’s apps? Is it because there what you to pay for the app to see the real ones or is it all just a matter of luck I’ll like to hear from people that have used one or both of there’s apps and let me know how it went for you.

WordPress Premium

Hello, everyone for the last couple of days I have been thinking about getting WordPress Premium but don’t if it’s worth it?

So what are the pros and cons about getting a WordPress Premium account to let’s start off with the pros of getting one?

PROS: You have more plugs and themes to use you are able to have adds on your site you can put a Pay Pal donation button on to your blog post so with Premium you are able to make a living out of this.

CONS: You have to put in a lot more work to make it worthwhile or then you’re just throwing money away. It will become more of a job than a hobby.

If any of you have got WordPress Premium please contact me and let me know if it’s worth getting it.

Plan for the future but live in the moment

Hello again sorry that I have not written a blog in about 3 months but life have just gotten so busy that I just don’t have the time to blog.

In the last three months I have been working two hundred hours a month plus I’ve moved in to my own place (that was a lot of work) been killing it at the gym working out as much as I can with work and everything.

It’s not been a very fun three months very little free time just just been putting in the hard work and time so that I can be in a better place in the future.

I have came to realise that yes it is good to plan for the future you never know what’s around the corner so it is important to live in the moment that is what I am trying to do find a way to live in the moment and plan for the future.

If any of you reading this think you can help me with this then please let me know.


“The person who suicide, dies one. Those they left behind die a thousand deaths, trying to relive those terrible moments and ask why?

Hello I have not written a blog in just over a month life has not been good everything was going okay I have been working a lot I really like my job and the money isn’t too bad and when I am not working I’m in the gym everything was going out until the end of last month when I had the worst news of my life that my mum had committed suicide it was the worst day of my life.

I had a lot of question but no way to get an answer luckily I had a lot of good people around me to help me not get stuck in a dark place I am in a lot better place now I am writing this hoping that anyone who is in a bad place will see that suicide is not the answer there is a lot of people out there who can help you.

Please talk to your friend or family they will be happy to help

Live Your Life

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.

Life goes so quick one minute your a kid running around with the world at your feet and within a blink of an eye you are an adult who is bored and wondering where the time has gone you think back to when you were a kid to how much dreams you had about all this stuff you were going to do how happy you were and you wish you can go back to that time just for a day just so you can feel like you ones did.

Just because we are not kids now does not mean we can not still have a dream that we can not have the world at your feet we make are owe life we can live it how we like follow your dreams every day go to bed every night happy with who you are and with how your living your life wake up happy that you get to live that life.

If there is something or someone in your life that is making you unhappy then it is up to you to drop that thing or person from your life because it is your life you are not on this earth to make someone else happy if you are not.

So make yourself happy every day and everything else will fall into place.


Working Out

Hello everyone hope your having a good day.

So this blog post is about my workout and how it’s going so I signed up to a gym in November and been going most days it’s been really good.

Everytime I am getting better and better I like to start off my workout with a 5k run that I have managed to do in just over 23 minutes

I am hoping by the end of 2019 I can get the time down to 20 minutes I know it’s not the best time but if I can run 5k in 20 minutes I will be happy with that and that is all that matters.

After my 5k run I move on to my chest exercise when I am lifting 100 lbs I do about 20 rep’s I then move on to kettlebell squats swing with a 14 lbs kettlebell I do 30 rep’s I then move on to my abs with some knees to chest and legs swing I do 20 rep’s of both after the I move on to box jumping doing 20 rep’s after this I will do 30 minutes on the bike and then will end my workout with some yoga

So that is my daily workout I am hoping to add more to it throughout the year I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and please let me know what your workout routine is.

New Year New Me?

Hello everyone hopes you had a good Christmas and New year but the one thing I don’t like about New year is the saying new year new me just because the year now ends in a different number your now a new person.

It is no different from who you are on the 30th December to who you are on the 1st January but a lot of people think that when the clock hits midnight on the 31st of December something magic is going to happen and make their life better.

I think we all know that is not true if your year ends badly your not going to wake up on 1st of January and everything will be better. If you want to have a better year than the last one you have to put in the work it may take all year to get to where you what to be but that’s the only way you will get to have the life that you what to have.

“Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

Is not goodbye

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again

Hello, everyone, I have not posted a new blog for about two months now and it is not because I have not had anything to write about because the last two months have been that hardest time in my life.

It will not be hard for me to write about that how I have just started my new job and for the first time in a very long time it looked like everything was going good for the first time but that did not last very long it was about two weeks into my new job when I find out that I was getting kicked out of my house and will have to look for new places to live but as I have just started my job that is not going to be easy.

This is my first job in a long time because I tuck time off from work to look after my two little brother’s who both have got disabilities but now both are in school so that is why I got a job now.

But I am not here to tell you all about that because everyone in the world has bad times and some of them are living every day as one big bad time so who am I to cry about what is happening to me so I am not going to do that what I am going to do is work hard to get to a better place and it may take a long time and it will be very hard but if you put in the work now you will not have to when you get older.

I have told you all about looking on the bright side and not to let the bad things in your life get you down too long because we know that when something bad happens we can not help but be upset when it happens to use but what we can do is look for a way out of it and work hard to get there.

That is all I got to say today I am hoping to be posting more blogs and get back to working hard on my blog and see how far I can go with this but if this is my last post I will just like to thank you all so.



A New Start

“Confidence is not ‘They will like me.’ Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’.”

Hello, everyone, I have not posted on this site for 3 weeks because I was taking time away as I had some stuff to sort out I have not finished sorting everything out yet but one of the big things I was shorting is now all finished up with and that was my new job.

It has taken me six months to finally start but I have not just finished my first full week I like any new job it has been easy and hard at the same time the people I work with are very nice and so is the people I look after but what is hard  about the job is learning everyone names and just feeling like your not doing anything as you learn the ropes.

Monday to Friday nine, till four is what I am working it, is not the longest shifted but the good thing about my job is when I get more confidence at what I am doing I will be able to as for more hours which I am hoping to do by the end of this month as I do not what to run before I can walk.

I will just like to say thank you to everyone who has read one of my blogs or to anyone who has followed this site when life looks like it is getting too hard just remember that with hard work you can get your self out of any hole you are in.